United Artists Books The Fast
Hannah Weiner
43 pages, paperback
Cover by Anne Tardos
ISBN 0-939992-24-3
Copyright 1992

Hannah Weiner has been able to convert her unique experiences with clairvoyance into highly original writing that defies classification. The Fast, written in 1970, is one of her earliest texts, and traces the development of her clairvoyance from sensing indistinct auras to seeing pictures, to finally receiving words and short phrases. These words have appeared in colors, in pure light, and as if written in pencil. Ranging from mundane observation to sublime, often beautiful passages, Weiner's work is always fascinating and worth reading.

"Hannah Weiner is the only clairvoyant I know, or that I've ever known. Her achievement-it is a considerable one-lies in her having developed a specific literary form through which to convey her remarkable experience." Jackson MacLow

Hannah Weiner is the author of many books, including Spoke, Nijole's House, Weeks and Clairvoyant Journal.

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