United Artists Books Morning Ritual
Lisa Rogal
112 pages, paperback
Cover by Leonardo Madriz
ISBN: 978-0-935992-37-3
Copyright 2015

"Anything can happen in Morning Ritual, and it does: a cold water tap leads one to contemplate murder and a lost cell phone communicates more by its absence than presence. Lisa Rogal's remarkable and strikingly original poems play with form and narrative, spinning the daily quotidian of thoughts, random connections and events into gold." Brenda Coultas

"In Rogal's restless poems, the weight of the world and the lightness of being come into play, and all the details, the nerve endings and synapses, that go into every passing moment. Morning Ritual proposes that starting over happens differently every time, even when you are following the same path. Lisa Rogal is the oracle of the future, already here." Barbara Henning

Lisa Rogal was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her writing has appeared in Lungfull!, Greetings, Poems by Sunday, Brooklyn Paramount, Boog City, and By the Overpass. She has published translations of poet Vladimir Druk in The Days are Getting Longer (Third Floor Apartment Press, 2014), and a chapbook, The New Realities (Third Floor Apartment Press, 2014). She is a graduate of the MFA program at Long Island University (Brooklyn).

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