United Artists Books My Autobiography
Barbara Henning
110 pages, paperback
Cover by Miranda Maher
ISBN 0-935992-43-X
Copyright 2007

"In this witty, post-Oulipian take on you-are-what-you-read, Henning dispossesses, recycles, and levels out the singular lines she lifts from the likes of Bataille, Joyce, or Gertrude Stein, all the way to authors of travel aned cookbooks that sit on her shelves. The resulting seventy-one "sonnets" sound their orphaned music: "strangers now, but once we were lovers" with the hidden glee of the artist behind her console, sampling, spinning, shredding, and remixing. My Autobiography is a concept, a mirror, a community: see you there!" Chris Tysh

"An autobiography fished and (un)tangled from the life of words: words on paper in the air for all of us. In the beginning was the word, and here "author" becomes a dispersed beginning entity, there all along, allowing us in to language and life as only Barbara Henning might. Where is Barbara Henning in this? She is everywhere, as it is finally her "infinite pilgrimage," undertaken with and for the benefit of all. In this wor(l)d, as she writes and we read, "it is indeed our good fortune, to spread out in this wide, finite subject." It is asssuredly our good fortune to open this book and let ourselves in." Charles Alexander

"What you write : what's for dinner : the books on your shelves : leftovers. Barbara Henning has prepared us a great meal where the sonnets are even better than the index." Bernadette Mayer

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