United Artists Books Solution Simulacra
Gloria Frym
74 pages, paperback
Cover by Amy Trachtenberg
ISBN 0-935992-39-1
Copyright 2006

Gloria Frym was born in Brooklyn and lives in Berkeley. Her last book of poems, Homeless At Home, won an American Book Award. She is the author of two critically collections of short stories, Distance No Object and How I Learned, as well as several volumes of poetry, and essays, reviews and articles on literature, photography and other visual media. She teaches at California College of the Arts in the Bay Area.

"Like in the aftermath of a 'mesmerizing theater of operations,' Gloria Frym's solutions tread the water of a flood inundating what we once considered our life. Angry, playful, and unforgiving, these words we thought belonged to us now see only 'orphans as far as the future can go.'" Ammiel Alcalay

"This poet's brilliant solution in Solution Simulacra is to invent a parallel and much more exciting ethos to the prevailing ill winds of a culture gone awry with war and little tolerance for dissent. Poetry, prose poems, polemic exist in a polyvalent, quotidian, urgent universe. Poetry is, in this visionary powerful response, the rival government. Gloria Frym is the patriot I'll vote for, every time." Anne Waldman

"Solution Simulacra deepens the sensibility that so distinguished Gloria Frym's award-winning collection Homeless At Home. The work here moves between poetry and prose to capture the difficulty of a time in which, as she writes, perhaps in the voice of a soldier and perhaps in the voice of a citizen, 'no history will forgive me, no history will absolve me, no history cares for me.' A great book." Juliana Spahr

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